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    Shenzhen Longgang Bantian MaoYu Light Equipment Factory
    Add:ShiMen Industrial Park,ShiJing Town,
        BaiYun Distroct,Guangzhou.
    Mobile:18688462629 Mr Zhou

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    Shengzhen Longgang Bantian MaoYu Light Equipment Factory is a research and development, production, marketing, wholesale, a modern comprehensive enterprise-type equipment. Company specializes in producing low, medium and high-power laser light, shaking his head lights, LED lights, hood, etc. The series of products, and undertake domestic and international OEM manufacturing.
    The company has high-quality R & D team, Number of technical staff have professional development experience, has a perfect quality assurance and quality of regular staff knowledge and job skills training to improve the quality of staff awareness and operational skills, with a precise job-related skill, quality,strong sense of conduct and discipline,a good production team.